Two years ago, we all went to Maine

Two years ago, we all went to Maine

for a week of photo shoots for the book Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables. I was the co-writer with chef Joshua McFadden of Ava Gene's in Portland.

The photographer was Laura Dart, and Joshua's chef and bestie Sam Smith (now chef at Tusk) completed the team.

But more than a simple photo shoot, this was a pilgrimage. Joshua had worked for Eliot Coleman, of Four Season Farm, for a season or two on his organic farm in Harborside, Maine. Eliot is a legend, the farm is paradise, and the combination catalyzed Joshua into becoming the kind of chef that he is now.

After two years of collaboration [read driving me fucking crazy], the book has been published.

It is everything we wanted and more. Our editor, Ann Bramson, is a genius and my hero; the publisher, Artisan, is dreamy, producing a gorgeous package, launching it with so much smarts and energy, and the reception in the world continues to amaze me.

We've gotten many positive reviews in the media, but this is my favorite. Not just because it was written by the real-deal reviewer Paula Forbes and that it's in Lucky Peach (RIP), but because the aspects Paula talks about are the things that we cared so much about and worked so hard to turn into reality.

I'll share more as things progress.